Emigrant workers pay 110,000 KRW in ‘Health Insurance Premium’ every month

Only in the fields of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries there are almost 12,500 workers who pay health insurance premiums double the amount of a Korean worker.

In July 2019, health insurance corporation introduced a new system for health insurance of foreign residents in Korea and overseas Koreans. According to this system, anyone who has been living in Korea for more than 6 months, must subscribe to health insurance.

The problem is that among the migrant workers who entered Korea for employment through the Employment Permit System, In case they work at such factories or workplaces that do not have business registration, migrant workers will have to subscribe to health insurance as local resident and not the employ of a workplace.

Subscribing to health insurance as the employ of a workplace, one shall pay only about 63,000 won a month as Health Insurance premium, but because the workplace does not have the business registration, migrant workers have to pay almost double the amount of normal payment.

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